Writings by the Artist

Catalogue Essay IN PRINT. Unique reproduction.
Catalogue Essay: Twenty Years Ethical Viruses.
Graduate Catalogue for UC Davis (essays about Graduates).1999
"Challenging the status quo " Catalogue Essay (color Illus.) 1996 The Year Of The Visual Arts England
"Desires of Permanence: Dreams of Transience." Wave/Another Country: Irish Exile and Dispossession. Ireland: Huddersfield Art Gallery, 1991.
"State of the Art: the Art of the State." Published as handcolored pamphlet by Working Press, London.
"The Art of the State, the state of the art." LIP MAGAZINE (AUS)and Block Magazine London).
"1984 in the Light of Guernica." Nineteen Eighty-Four. New York: Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 1984.
"The only man who ever brought work to Cleator Moor was Adolph Hitler," Radio Times (October 1981).
"Passive Action/Active Passion," Artforum (September 1980).
"John Lennon," Art Monthly (April 1980).
"Shamrocks" in "Truth: the first casualty: the British Media and Northern Ireland." Campaign for Free Speech on Ireland, 1979.
"Polemic," Art Monthly, 1978.
"Art and Idealogy," Audio Arts, 1977.
"Capitalist Realism or Socialism in One Person," Skira Annual, 1977.
"Newcastle Writings," May 1977.
"Lost Horizons," Art and Artists (January 1973).